We have received several questions about the differences between using Dropbox and Musistic. The questions take different forms like “How is this different from Dropbox?” and “Why would I use Musistic over Dropbox?” We get it, you want to know why you should use Musistic over Dropbox.

We might be biased, but we want to share the differences between using Musistic and Dropbox and show you why Musistic is the better choice for recording music collaboratively.

5 Reasons to Choose Musistic

Here are 5 reasons why we think Musistic is better than using Dropbox to make music collaboratively:

Musistic solves the compatibility issue between DAWs.

Dropbox doesn’t. Our plugin solves those pesky problems that can pop up when you are collaborating with someone using a different DAW. When you use Musistic it won’t matter if you use Pro Tools and your collaborators use Ableton or Cubase or Logic or Studio One or Cakewalk or any DAW. You can use any DAW with no compatibility problems.

Musistic is faster.

Dropbox is seemingly fast when saving but experience has shown that it can take minutes to hours for the files to sync across all shared folders. Musistic uploads the audio tracks to our cloud server in seconds. If you’re collaborating on a track you shouldn’t have to wait. When inspiration strikes you need to take action which is why we’ve eliminated the downtime you get when using Dropbox.

Musistic eliminates conflicted copies. 

With Dropbox you can’t work on the same session at the same time without creating a conflicted copy. In Musistic all collaborators can continue to work on the session without issue. We don’t think you should have to worry about conflicted copies when you are collaborating. 

Musistic lets you stay in your DAW.

Musistic allows your to stay in your workflow and never leave your DAW to collaborate. You won’t have the downtime associated with logging in and messing with Dropbox or another storage solution.

Musistic gives you more control.

While using Musistic you won’t have to worry about things like someone mistakenly deleting files from a shared folder. You stay in control of your music and keep your files safe within our system.

Those are a few of the main reasons why we think Musistic is better than Dropbox for recording collaboratively. Obviously we are biased but we know you’ll agree after using Musistic on a project.

Try it out today and find out why Musistic is better.