In this Musistic University recording video tutorial, Jacob shows how to do a sweep effect using the air vintage filter in ProTools.

The AIR Vintage Filter plug-in used in this Pro Tools tutorial video can be used with the Signal Generator like shown and also on synths, guitars, bass, drums, and anything else where your goal is to add character. Automating the controls creates familiar dance-music type effects like sweeps.

Jacob uses the Signal Generator in the video to demonstrate how it works and as a sound source. This plug-in is found in the Other submenu on the plug-ins list. It has many options but here choose the White Noise option to achieve the desired effect.

In the tutorial video Jacob uses the AIR Vintage Filter plug-in and an air reverb to smooth out the automations put in to show how it works.

First in the AIR Vintage Filter plug-in in the next insert slot and automate the cutoff knob.

You can do that by going to the automation window or you can press control + option + command and then click on the knob to then click on enable automation for cutoff.

The next step is playing around with the automation shape for this parameter to experience the different sound effects. Jacob does some basic automations to show the sweep effect with white noise as seen in the video.

You can experiment here with different automation shapes, with the Resonance control off, and lots of other different settings for more musical sounds. In these settings you can choose to add more variety and character to the sound as desired.

If you find you don’t like the sound you’ve achieved then try adjusting the automation or using some reverb like Jacob chose to do. Use the AIR Reverb plug-in to play with the sound. Lastly you can try changing the Signal Generator for a different output noise like pink noise with a lower-frequency than white noise resulting in a deeper sweep effect.

More Plug-ins

While it is tempting to ignore free factory plug-ins for fancier paid options, plugins like the Pro Tools Factory AIR Vintage Filter can help you achieve many useful effects as seen in this tutorial.

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