Mastering is a hot topic and one we’ve been covering often in our recording tips blog and Musistic University series. Most of us love to find the latest technique and best way to make our masters bigger and better.

Today we want to cover one of mastering topics that doesn’t get as much airtime as other mastering subjects: Mid/Side. If you aren’t aware of this technique and it’s benefits then you might be missing out.

Today’s Musistic University video shows this technique in action so you can see how Mid/Side can work for you.

This mastering technique is often used when you have a track and the stereo image is a little off balance.

For instance, if you have a track where the vocal is too loud then you can use this technique on the rest of the song to where you can bring the vocals down and not have to go back to the original mix.

To set this up:

  • Open the original track
  • Duplicate it two more times
  • Create three aux tracks
  • Buss the first duplicate to the first aux tracks
  • Buss the side track to the other two aux tracks
  • On the side audio track put a mono plugin and delink the plugin from the stereo then go to the right channel and flip the phase
  • Then come to the two side auxes and pan them hard left and right
  • Then if you want to bring that back so you can print it put busses on the channels to send that to this aux and then you can send that to the audio track so you can record it.

Enjoy the demo of setting up this mastering technique.

Thank you to Human Radio for providing the stems for this project.