What is Musistic?

Musistic for schools is our music education program that puts our awesome music technology in the hands of educators and students everywhere.

These days we have tons of collaborative tools like Google Docs and DropBox that have changed how students work and collaborate in educational settings. This is what Musistic brings to recording music and what we will bring to your school.

Musistic is a collaborative music recording plugin that allows you to make music with anyone, anywhere, on almost any digital audio platform.

Musistic is:

  • Easy to use: Recording students love our plugin because it doesn’t require a change in behavior or learning a new complicated software. The technology and user interface we’ve created allows students at all levels to make music collaboratively.
  • Collaborative: Students can use Musistic to collaborate with other students in remote locations or pull in musicians from anywhere in the world to help their project. Teachers can create assignments and help students
  • Platform independent: Students can use our plugin with whatever digital audio workstation (DAW) they are familiar with. Since Musistic works with all major DAWs, recording students can use Musistic seamlessly while learning how to use multiple DAWs.

Why is Musistic perfect for schools?

Musistic opens up a world of possibilities for students making music. Where projects previously were contained to a single classroom, we’ve opened up the world to students.

Here’s how you can use Musistic in your school:

  • Cross school collaborations: Musistic allows students to collaborate with each other on assigned projects to make music. Students can work from their own devices and DAWs from home or school to create projects that educators can then review.
  • Cross world collaborations: You don’t have to limit student’s ability to make music collaboratively to just within your own school. Students can work with students across the world in other cities to make a great cultural learning experience.
  • Remote rehearsal: While it’s not an obvious first thought, school groups can use our recording plugin for remote rehearsals by recording each part for a project. Recording separately will allow group members to practice their part and then give them the experience of hearing it all together on the final compilation. It’s a great way for students to learn how their portion makes a difference in a song.

Whether you use Logic, ProTools or an open source DAW in your program, Musistic is able to work with these platforms seamlessly. The ability to use Musistic within multiple hardware and software options makes it an ideal plugin to use for music education.

There are many schools using musistic within their recording music education programs. The results of this use are exciting and we are thrilled to be witnessing so many great songs and collaborative projects coming from students in the program.

Want to try Musistic in your school?

If you’re a professional educator, please sign up for a Musistic account and then contact us. We’ll upgrade your account and provide you with special academic pricing for your students.