Your song is finished and it’s great. You love it. You’ve written something amazing, recording it perfectly, and made all the changes you can. You’re ready.

You might be ready but is your song? There is more to releasing a song than just finishing it. It can be tough to decide if your song is ready to be released or not but we think going through these steps will help you find out.

10 Steps To Take Before Releasing Your Song

Your song sounds good everywhere.
Have you listened to your song in your home studio? On headphones? Through phone speakers? In the car? It is critical to make sure your song sounds great in every environment you can think of because listeners will hear it in those environments. Not everyone that comes across your song will be able to listen to it with top notch equipment so it is important to check how it sounds everywhere. Test your song on your best and worst stereo interfaces to make sure it’s ready for mass consumption.

Your song has been mastered.
Some artists like to do mastering on their own while others turn to a professional source. We recommend LANDR to our users since this professional level mastering costs just $9.99 per track. Before letting your song out into the world you should make sure it has been mastered and is at the level of quality you desire.

You’ve gotten feedback.

Even if you’ve gotten feedback from others during the song creation process, it is important to get feedback before releasing your song. It can be invaluable to get feedback on a song before releasing it to the world. You don’t have to take all the suggestions you receive but getting feedback from trusted sources is a critical part of making sure your song is the best it can possible be.

You know your audience.

Being able to describe your music and your audience is important as an independent musician. You won’t be able to reach everyone in the world so narrowing in on your target audience can help you achieve results faster. You should have a clear, concise description of your music and a clear understanding of who will listen to it before you release a song.

You have a plan for distribution.

One of the challenges independent artists face when releasing music is getting your music out there to your audience. You must plan for distribution of your music when you release it. You can use a service like TuneCore to distribute your song to services like iTunes, Spotify and more. You can release a physical CD through a service like CDBaby. There are hundreds of avenues and ways to distribute your music so make sure you’ve got a plan for distribution.

Your branding is professional.

Your logo and artwork can say a lot about you as an artist. Your branding as a musician can encourage people to learn more or it can turn people away. Having high quality, professional artwork representing your aesthetic is something you should definitely have in place before releasing your song. You will need high-resolution artwork to go along with your music on services like iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and more. Consider investing in professional branding services from a design studio or freelance graphic designer so that your music has a strong visual element that will support it.

Your press release is ready.

Unfortunately most musicians have to do their own PR in the beginning. If you are ready to release a song you should also be ready to release your press release to bloggers and music news sources. This process might seem old school but a good press release that gains traction can help bolster your organic following and get you in front of more people. Promotion is part of making music so make sure you are ready to promote your song before you release it.

You have a marketing plan. 

Releasing your song into the wild means nothing if you don’t have a marketing plan in place to help people find your song. Before releasing anything you should create a marketing plan with a concrete budget so you know how much you will be spending. It’s important to put a little bit of cash behind a song to make sure it gets attention initially. Even if it’s less than $100 spent on social media, make sure you have a plan for how you will promote your music to reach the most people possible.

You’ve done your absolute best.

Before releasing a song to the publish you should be able to confidently say, this is the best song I can make. You want to make sure every song you release is something you can stand behind proudly. Make your song the best possible quality that you can afford to write, record, and release. You’ll be happy that you did so instead of constantly apologizing for the quality. Do your best work and then share it with the world!

You have a follow up plan.

Releasing one song is just the start. Before you even release your first song you should have a plan for what actions you will take next to build on the momentum of your release. Have more songs ready to go for the next release after the hype dies down from the first song. This will allow you to build upon your successes and keep momentum going in your music career. Make sure you know what you will do next.